I moved to North Wales in 1993 to attend the University of Wales, Bangor and graduated in 1996 with First Class Joint Honours in Biochemistry and Zoology and also won prizes as the top biochemistry student in the second and third years. I immediately began studying for a PhD in evolutionary ecology which allowed me to carry out extended periods of fieldwork in the Caribbean. After working at the university for nine years, I was faced with prospect of leaving North Wales when funding for further research was no longer available, but chose to stay where my family were happy.



All sciences, including mathematics, have always fascinated me and during my time studying and working at the university I found teaching and sharing the knowledge I had gained with others to be highly rewarding. I taught a number of courses in statistics, data handling, physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as giving a number of presentations at international conferences and publishing numerous papers in peer-reviewed journals.




Since leaving academic research, I have continued my interest in science and education, not least through my two daughters, the eldest of which is now following in my footsteps by studying at Bangor University. I completed a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education, again at Bangor University, in 2011 during which I taught at Emrys Ap Iwan in Abergele and at Holyhead High School and have been marking GCSE examination papers for over 5 years. This has given me an understanding of the course material taught through local schools and an insight into the common misunderstandings held by some pupils and how some fail to achieve their full potential in the examinations due to relatively small issues. Tutoring has given me the opportunity to share my scientific knowledge and hopefully contribute to the next generation of scientists.

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