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At Conwy Science Tuition we believe in supporting school-based learning with the highest standards of out-of-school teaching. We take the best of tuition, the one-to-one relationship and the bespoke learning, and combine this with the best of in school learning, high-quality support materials, science practicals and academic rigour.

We are based in an office suite in the town of Conwy where we have the facilities to support one-on-one learning in the evening, during term time, and intensive group sessions in the school holidays.

Covid -19 virus 

With the current situation regarding the covid 19 virus, we are following UK government advice and staying open; but taking common sense measures. Students are advised not to come if they feel unwell, especially if they have a fever or persistent cough. We have hand-washing facilities here and students are welcome to bring hand wash gel with them. We will revise our situation when the government advice changes.


We have avaiablity for Maths & Science, GCSE and Alevel



Daytime Skype and Facetime lessons 

We have the facilities to run our lessons via Skype or face time.  There is availability during daytime for this service. If during the current COVID-19 outbreak you need daytime tuition for any reason, please call us on 01492 550022 or make an enquiry via our enquiries page.

 Feedback from This Years Exams


         "Hi *** got B in maths, C in physics and biology. He has been accepted by Coventry, his second choice, but he is disappointed he didn't do better .I am pleased though as he has had a challenging year or so. Thanks for all your help.”


        "Hi James, i got AAAB, with the B in chemistry. Thank you very much for your and Andy's help this year, and im sure i'll need it again next year."


         "Hi James, *** AS results were B for Chem, B for hist and C for Biol. She is happy but wants to bring her biol up she says, so can we book Andy again at some point. Thank you to him and to you for all your help. Hope you are having a good summer."


         "Hi it's ***! Just letting you know I got C in biology, A in chemistry and a D in physics, overall C! Thank you for everything."


         "James *** got an A in maths. Big thanks."


         "*** got A in maths,  A in physics, B in chemistry and B in biology.  He's intending taking all four for AS next year. Can he please have chem and biol alternate weeks from September plz?  Thanks."



Congratulations to all our students we are really pleased when you get in touch and let us know how you did.


We also have more reviews for this year on our Facebook Page



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